About UsNew Global Economy Blockchain Technology "Chain Energy Economy" Theoretical System

Driven by a new generation of science and technology, "New Economy" is becoming the most invested, innovative and fastest growing scope in the economies of all countries, representing an engine to accelerate global economic growth.

The establishment of the New Economic Research Institute will follow the trend, its principal research areas include:

• International comparative study of blockchain regulatory policies, laws and regulations

• Research on Mainland China and Hong Kong blockchain regulatory standards
• Global blockchain industry investment research
• Blockchain technology application consulting and suitable production promotion
• Converged applications and training for blockchains, Internet, artificial intelligence and big data

• Research services on emerging technologies, new economic forms and development trends

Business areaNew Global Economy Blockchain Technology "Chain Energy Economy" Theoretical System
Team styleProfessional team to interpret the latest economic trends for you

Peter Wang


Currently as Managing Partner &CEO of Tokenomous (H.K) Company Limited, managingan advisory firm, investing in seed round projects and incubating various blockchain projects.

Currently as the Founder & CEO of Colorledger Company Limited as a blockchain service provider for the ecosystemin terms of various blockchain business focus on Asia Pacific Region

Significant experiences in Blockchain business and fintech implementation in Asia Pacific Region, in cross-cultural / multi-language environments

Jun Wang


Earned a master’s degree in South Korea

Founder of Future Low-Carbon, Expert of Carbon Asset Management, Member of Climate Change Research Institute of Korea, Consultant of Hyundai Motor Company and Daewoo, as well as Designer of carbon market locally for Chinese Government and Energy Rights exchange market

Has over 10 years’ working experience in carbon-related field and has engaged in carbon trading in South Korea

Has worked for low-carbon consulting companies, governments and carbon trading exchange(CTX) in China

Proficiency in Chinese, Korean and English, and has significant influence in carbon trading between South Korea and China; has published over 100 articles in carbon trading, which has largely impacted the response of the climate change and carbon exchange market

In terms of blockchain technology, he is passionate about the research of stability of carbon trading market rules and reliability using blockchain technology; has published over 10 articles about using blockchain to manage carbon trading 

Lehui Lin


Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Doctoral and Master’s degree in Economics

Harbin Institute of Technology, Bachelor and Master’s degree in Computer

Holds the Fund Qualification Certificate

Holds the Futures Qualification Certificate

Member of the Institute of Management Accountants

Holds Project Management Professional & Member of Project Management Institute

Proficiency in English and Japanese

Primarily focus on the research of the economic cycle, financial transactions, and family wealth management

Former Senior Manager of Pactera Technology International Ltd., (Nasdaq: PACT)

Currently serves as Director of Quant Hedge Fund Research & Manager of Funds


Bo Chen


Serial Entrepreneurs

Associate Professor, Institute for Finance and Economics of Central University of Finance and Economics

Master Supervisor & Chevening Scholar of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of UK

Expert of Beijing Institute for Finance and Economic Research

Founder of Green Fintech Lab

Member of ICC China Digital Economy Community

Member of Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau Fintech Specialists Plan Examination Committee

The University of Edinburgh, Master’s Degree in Carbon Finance

Renmin University of China, Doctoral Degree in Economics

Author, Published over 500,000 Academic Paper in Digital Economy

Zhejiang University, Master’s Degree in Control Science and Engineering

Proposed Blockchain Consensus Economics

Hosted the release of the World’s First Blockchain Manager’s Index (BMI)

Worked for National Development and Reform Commission of China, and Investment Departments of Top 100 Global Enterprises 

Article activity

Wei Guo


Beijing Foreign Studies University, Master’s Degree in International Business

ESCP Europe Business School, Master’s Degree in Management

Diversified Background from Working Experience in the Internet, Finance, Artificial Intelligence, and etc.


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Shan Liang


Serves in Blockchain (Shenzhen) Research & Development

Co-founder, Token Technology Architect

Practitioner of “Public Traffic” and “Community Economy”

Serial Entrepreneurs

A legend of making initial investment back within 3 months for hundreds of times over the last 20 years for start-up companies which have started from scratch to a large corporation owning a chain of stores; those start-ups like Shanxi Guke Catering, Shanghai Yangle Information, Shanxi Jieluo Inquiry, Bejing Aishe Cultural Media, and etc.

Enrolled in Hundun University

Tutor how to use the First Philosophical method to start a business, especially specialized in relating to companies’ Business Innovation, Strategy, Competition, Organization, and etc.


Tony Fu


Peking University, School of Journalism and Communication, Master of Arts in Communication

Hejun Business School, systematically studied in business, particularly, Industries, Management, Accounting, Brand, Human Resources, Corporate Culture, and etc.

Outstanding performance of “Good Journalists Share Good Stories” in the national-wide competition (the performer has been notified to the Central Leadership of the People's Republic of China)

Wrote “The First Oil Well in Nanhai”, published in June 2014, by The People's Literature Publishing House

Wrote “Europa for One”, published in June 2010 by the Chinese Writers Publishing House

- Columnist of the New Economic Observer of Ta Kung Pao (published over 50 articles in one year)

Manager of Investor Relations of the UCF Group, specialized in the group investment projects & Manager of Singularity Financial Limited

Supervisor of Carbon Asset Management & Secretary of Youth League Committee, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)

Supervisor of Investor Relations, China Blue Chemical Ltd. (3989. HK)

Director of New Media Operations, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)

- Holds Securities Association Certificates (Securities Association of China), Carbon Asset Management (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China), Qualification Certificate of Hong Kong Insurance.

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Bowen Zhou

  • A physicist with 8-year research experience in physics, material science and engineering, semiconductor device, designing, micro/nanofabrication, experiment, measurements and analysis.

  • Measurement and analysis experience in electric (current-voltage, capacitance-voltage), magnetic properties of 2D nanomaterials including graphene and gated devices at low and room temperatures in PPMS and dilution fridge.

  • 6-year cleanroom fabrication experience with thermal and electron-beam evaporation, reactive ion etch and wet etch, photolithography and e-beam lithography, spin-coating, wire bonding, UV laser writer, FIB, PVD, ALD.

  • 7-year experience with circuit and device design in CAD, data acquisition in LabVIEW, data analysis and computation in Igor, Mathematica, Excel, Python and MATLAB, and simulation in COMSOL.

  • Extensive experience in leadership, teaching, writing and presentation. 

  • Ph.D. in Physics, Washington University in St. Louis and University Fellowships, and Arthur L. Hughes Fellowships

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Muzhen Liu


Founder of Aichang Foundation

Author of “Gamification Strategies”

Liqing Gan


Holds a doctoral degree  

Co-Chairman of Blockchain Association of Hong Kong

Co-Founder of the Global Token Limited

Former Deputy Head of FinTech Department of Zhongtai Financial International Limited (subsidiary company of Zhongtai Securities Company Limited)  

Brady Luo

Co-founder & CEO of everiToken

Educational Background:

• March 2018 Enrolled in Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program

• 2005–2007 Brandeis University(U.S.), Master’s degree in Economics and Finance

• 2001–2005 Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics(China), Bachelor’s degree in EE

Work Experience:

• 2018  (world’s first token-focused public chain)

• 2015 –2017 Founder & CEO of 1Xinyong Big Data Company

• 2015 –2016 Investor & Co-founder of HiDreamer Mobile Game & FPL Electronic Sports

• 2011 –2014 Founder & CEO of Shanghai Leroy Corporate Gifting

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Daobin Xu


Founder of Restart the World

Serial Entrepreneurs

Has experience in a variety of fields, including arts, media, real estate, robots and blockchains

Worked as the Management Leader of listed companies, the Partner, & the Founder

Was born in Jiang Su Province; enrolled in Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Central Academy Of Fine Arts

Zhijian Li


Hold a Doctoral degree 

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Blair Chen


• Master in Huazhong University of Science and Technology

• Grandshares Tech.(01647.HK) COO

• Yuzhou Real Estate (Hong Kong, 1628.HK)  Manager of Corporate Finance and Investor Relations

• UCF Group (Beijing, Hong Kong)

• Hongda Financial Holdings Limited (Hong Kong, 1822.HK)  Investment Banking Department-Vice President 

Responsible for the investment banking department's financial business, investor relations and public relations business, tracking the business of the Group's mainland subsidiaries (finance technology, real estate funds, etc.), and promoting the headquarters' strategic implementation

• Yifang Real Estate Technology Group – Business Director and Chairman of the Unicorn (Beijing) BusinessAssistant, Real Estate Finance Industry

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• 连续创业者
• 连跨界艺术、传媒、地产、机器人和区块链等领域
• 连有上市公司高管、合伙人、创始人等经历
• 连生于江苏,求学于华中科技大学、中央美术学院。
• 连续创业者
• 连跨界艺术、传媒、地产、机器人和区块链等领域
• 连有上市公司高管、合伙人、创始人等经历
• 连生于江苏,求学于华中科技大学、中央美术学



• 连续创业者
• 连跨界艺术、传媒、地产、机器人和区块链等领域
• 连有上市公司高管、合伙人、创始人等经历
• 连生于江苏,求学于华中科技大学、中央美术学院。
• 连续创业者
• 连跨界艺术、传媒、地产、机器人和区块链等领域
• 连有上市公司高管、合伙人、创始人等经历
• 连生于江苏,求学于华中科技大学、中央美术学



• 连续创业者
• 连跨界艺术、传媒、地产、机器人和区块链等领域
• 连有上市公司高管、合伙人、创始人等经历
• 连生于江苏,求学于华中科技大学、中央美术学院。
• 连续创业者
• 连跨界艺术、传媒、地产、机器人和区块链等领域
• 连有上市公司高管、合伙人、创始人等经历
• 连生于江苏,求学于华中科技大学、中央美术学






多年 CAD 电路设计、LabVIEW 数据采集、Igor, Mathematica, Python 等数据分析和 COMSOL 模拟经验。


物理硕士博士学位(Ph.D.),美国圣路易斯华盛顿大学(Washington University in St. Louis 

2013 年至 2019 University Fellowships, and Arthur L. Hughes Fellowships

2007 年至 2011 年  应用物理学士学位,优秀学生,成都理工大学

Echo Qu


• She holds a master's degree in business administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a bachelor's degree in law (foreign trade and economic law) and accounting (double degree) from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

• Have been employed by the Investment Banking Department of Orient Capital (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., currently working in the Investment Banking Department of China Fortune Financial Capital Co., Ltd. (0290.HK), as a sponsor and underwriter to follow up the listing process on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Participated in relevant M & A projects as a financial consultant, and participated in the writing of "Blockchain + Era: From Blockchain 1.0 to 3.0".

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